Not Just Your Average Transfer

Our clients are not just another transfer, we know they are more than that. Phoenix Executive Transport aims to build lasting relationships with clients; to be able to become finely tuned to their needs and be able to serve them even better each time we meet again.

Certified Security You Can Trust

Phoenix Executive Transport’s VIP Security service is at the forefront of the protection of our clients. Our armed guards are 100% PSiRA certified and proficient in self-defence and firearm skills, medical assistance, surveillance awareness and conflict management.

Drivers are made familiar with all areas so to be able to effortlessly navigate through any area.

Not only are our armed guards expertly trained to guard you with their lives, but they are kind-hearted and fully trustworthy.

What we do

Sit back and enjoy your ride knowing that Phoenix Executive Transport has hyper-personalised your trip and taken care of everything down to the finest details. Nothing less than the outstanding is acceptable for our clients.

Our clients are able to choose from our range of sophisticated vehicles, which include our luxury car division available for chauffeur drive or VIP Security.

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Unparalleled Fleet Management

We are able to keep track of all our vehicles through real-time reports and detail driving hours as well as working hours. Our systematic process runs by instantly updating orders and sending job details to our drivers.

Our fleet management makes use of smart navigation and traffic information in order to help our staff to do their jobs to the best of their ability and save valuable time on the road.

Phoenix Executive Transport is fully-equipped to historical and real-time information with detailed reports in the unlikely event that any sort of incident should arise.